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Career in Photography

Career in Photography

A career in Photography blends both artistic and technical acumen, and like most other arts, needs practice and perseverance. Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. With the rapid growth of communication networks, explosion of the advertising sector and media communications as well as fashion boom, digital photography has become the modern version of this art form.



Specialize in Photojournalism, Commercial photography, Advertising, Fashion, Food display, Industrial photography Wildlife photography, Aerial photography, Scientific photography


Work for newspapers and news magazines who commission them to provide photographs of newsworthy events, things and situations They combine an ability to find and record dramatic action with photographic talent. Use agility, good observation and alertness to get the best pictures

Commercial photography

Click photographs for firms dealing with merchandise, exteriors and interiors, machinery and fashions to be used in advertising and selling Use a variety of cameras, lights, props etc

Fashion photography

Cater to a variety of clients: fashion houses, designers, portfolios for models, fashion journals and newspapers Fashion photographers are aware of styles, moods and fashion trends They work in the studio as well as on locations

Food photography

Work for food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, exporters, dairy and ice-cream companies Click pictures either in a studio with an attached kitchen or in hotels for exclusive shots

Industrial photography

Click photographs of workers on the job, machinery, industrial layout, prominent places in the industry etc. for use in company publications or for ad campaigns They have knowledge of the industry as well as its equipment

Wildlife photographers

Click pictures of nature, wildlife, birds, and their habitats They have keen observation, patience, an eye for interesting details and love for adventure Wait for hours to catch the animals in the right mood and pose Work in sanctuaries, forests and reserves

Aerial photography

Take aerial photographs of places, buildings, landscapes, terrains during natural disasters, war, or under similar situations from aircraft in flight for use in news, business, industrial, scientific or military purposes

Scientific photography

Prepare photographic illustrations and documentation for scientific publications and research reports The chief areas scientific photographers cover are engineering, aerodynamics, medicine, biology or chemistry

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